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About us

Our history

In 1966 – in the year of an economic recession – master butcher and expert consultant Ludwig Scheid, author of several reference books on topics of meat product production, founded his own company. Co-partners of the new company at that time were his two sons Uwe and Dieter Scheid.

The idea of offering a special additive combination for each production target proved to be viable. By initially concentrating on raw and cooked cured products, Ludwig Scheid KG achieved great success in a short time and was established in the market as the curing specialist. With the expansion of the successful strategy to other production areas of meat processing, the company quickly took an unprecedented upswing in this industry. The basis of the success was a high level of entrepreneurial commitment, initiative and, in particular, a strong link to practice.

The concept was as simple as it was coherent: Consulting was capitalized and took precedence over sales. The approval was great and created a broad basis of trust among the customers.

Our philosophy

Since the company was founded in 1966, innovation and tradition have gone hand in hand at Scheid AG & Co. KG, innovation and tradition have gone hand in hand. With decades of experience in product development as well as a constant willingness to progress, we are your competent partner when it comes to taste and technology, especially when it comes to the production and refinement of meat and sausage products, delicatessen and ready meals, convenience products, fish and baked goods. But our customer groups also include manufacturers of pasta, potato and vegetable dishes, whey products, soups and sauces, to whom we offer a wide range of high-quality additives, seasonings, seasoning oils, compounds and spice blends. In the kebab production sector, we meet the high demands of the market with trendy products and recognized services.

Not only do we convince with a wide range of products and numerous flavour variations, we also focus on technological and sensory issues such as binding, flavour enhancement, keeping different foods fresh, and emulsification. Because every customer has individual requirements, we develop tailor-made solutions together with you and accompany you from development, through production, to the finished product.

We develop, produce and supply flavour as well as technology for your food production.

Dates and facts

Year of foundation

Legal form
AG & Co. KG

Board of Directors
Dr. Dieter Scheid (Chairman)
Dr. Barbara von Fragstein und Niemsdorff
Dr. Maximilian von Fragstein und Niemsdorff

Employees 2020 
120, including 12 customer advisors throughout Europe